I am addicted to your noodles, so much so that I verge on being a noodle hoarder. Is there such a thing? Our freezer is filled with them, our favorite being the Toasted Farro Fettuccine and the Rustic Durum Egg Campanelle. I don’t have to get extra fancy with them – a simple sauce made of sautéed mushrooms, garlic, leeks and spinach makes a terrific compliment … but they are also delish with a little lemon zest, butter and fresh parmesan. Without a doubt, these noodles are always satisfying and easy. I can be as elaborate or as simple as my mood and schedule … the noodles are now part of our weekly rotation. Thank you so much for such a high quality and delicious product.


First, the pasta is delicious ... I find I look forward to making dinner when I have a package of Dumpling & Strand in my fridge.
Did you catch that? I LOOK FORWARD to making dinner.