Gluten Free Noodles / Mixed 6

Six 9 oz. packages of noodles

A boon to gluten-free-ers everywhere, our gluten-free offerings have led to exclamations such as: “Whoa! This is gluten-free?!” or “Huzzah! I get to eat pasta again!” And maybe a few tears of gratitude.

A case includes the following formulas, shapes, and quantities:

Sprouted Brown Rice formula: sprouting the rice offers a slightly nuttier—and dare we say—more “wheat-like” flavor profile than standard brown rice flour, creating a texture-rich noodle with an authentic bite. You'll receive:

(2) Strozzapreti: a short, corkscrew noodle
(2) Mafaldine: a long, extra thick ribbon noodle

100% Buckwheat Soba: The majority of soba on the grocery shelves today contain only a small percentage of buckwheat flour — a shame, since buckwheat (a seed related to rhubarb) is naturally gluten-free. So we present this curiously delightful gluten-free noodle, made of 100% organic and fresh-milled buckwheat flour, featuring herbaceous aromas and peppery flavors. You'll receive: 
(2) 100% Buckwheat Soba: a long square-cut

Our commitment to curious grains, curious shapes, and curious techniques is changing the role of noodles on your plate. We’re proud to present this innovative gluten-free pasta — one that pairs well with simple sauces and traditional ingredients. Always share with friends or family!

Keep frozen. ONCE THAWED, COOKS IN 2 MINUTES. Follow instructions for best results.

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