Toasted Farro Fettuccine / 6

Six 9 oz. packages of noodles

Farro refers to three species of ancient grains — spelt, emmer, and einkorn — and its earliest evidence of human consumption dates back 10,000 years. (We like to believe our ancestors were busy making a hearty noodle for their mammoth ragu.) Preferring emmer because of its superior texture and flavor, we source it from organic Midwest farms, then have it toasted and stone milled by a Minneapolis miller.

Our commitment to curious grains, curious shapes and curious techniques creates a new kind of noodle – featuring toasty and nutty flavors in a flat ribbon shape that pairs well with sautéed mushrooms, braised meats, dry aged cheeses, or other simple sauces and ingredients. Always share with friends or family!

Keep frozen. ONCE THAWED, COOKS IN 2 MINUTES. Follow instructions for best results.


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