World of Noodles / Mixed 6

A mixed case that travels the world! A sample pack of our Asian noodles and Italian pastas – this pack of six will delight your tastebuds and your tablemates – and will pair well with any fresh ingredients, sauces or broths. Be sure to check out our recipe page for curious ideas.

A case includes one of each of the following:

  1. Rustic Durum Egg Campanelle: A short, bell-shaped Italian pasta featuring Minnesota-milled semolina
  2. Rustic Durum Egg Mafaldine: A long, ruffled ribbon Italian pasta featuring Minnesota-milled semolina
  3. Toasted Farro Cavatappi: a delicously nutty flavored Italian pasta made with toasted organic, Midwest emmer 
  4. Wild Rice Minnesoba: a square-cut, mahogany strand featuring Minnesota wild rice and durum semolina creating a surprising and tasty novelty. This one can be prepared with either Asian and Italian flavors.
  5. 100% Buckwheat Soba: made with organic buckwheat (a wheat-free grain), this delightfully firm Asian noodle features a peppery finish is also naturally gluten-free!
  6. Ramen: A firm, straight-cut traditional Asian noodle with a springy bite and traditional flavor.
Our commitment to curious grains, curious shapes and curious techniques is changing the role of noodles on your plate. Always share with friends or family!

Keep frozen. ONCE THAWED, COOKS IN 2 MINUTES. Follow instructions for best results.


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